An exciting new mystery novel by author George Hudson!

In the midst of a secret love affair, passions flare and a murder is committed. The crime, however, is unsolved. Carefully constructed lies and public ignorance hide the truth, and the victim disappears into history. The lives of those behind are drastically changed, but they eventually move on, believing the truth is safely buried forever.

Thirty years later, an old skull is recovered on a dark night by several fishermen from the middle of Watts Bar Lake. But that's not all. The skull has what looks to the fishermen like a small bullet hole in it. Fearful, but determined to do the right thing, they report the find to the police and an investigation commences.

As more of the victim's remains are slowly recovered, news reporters and FBI investigators enter the scene. Reporter Jan Goodson and Agents Langston and Mallory join forces in an attempt to discover the identity of the victim and the killer, and in the process, their own lives are turned upside down. New loves flame, families are torn apart, and former lovers are forced to come together again in a struggle to keep their pasts hidden.

PURPLE HAZE contrasts life in Chattanooga and East Tennessee in 1940 and present, a character study of their inhabitants, exploring how people's lives have changed. It also provides an insight on how the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) ended up completely changing the lives of the people in the area. A past crime is uncovered through hard work and old-fashioned detective techniques, and despite various twists and turns, a seemingly "perfect crime" is uncovered, protected and forgotten over time. Eventually the case is solved to everyone's satisfaction.

But the story doesn't end there. PURPLE HAZE is the first in a series of mystery stories that take place in the same area and ultimately involve the same characters.

George Hudson
Author of PURPLE HAZE (Savant 2013)