WHOOSH! In the flash of an eye, after being led to a garden by a lying wasp, Truth and Tell, two brave caterpillars, are whisked away from their mother and their homeworld of Insecta, never to see it again! What is Insecta, you ask? It's a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, and on it are large flowers that contain portals to other galaxies, including our own!  After this fateful teleportation, Truth and Tell are now in our solar system and in search of a habitable planet to call home after not listening to their mommy.

Written in a way to educate, yet entertain, TRUTH AND TELL TRAVEL THE SOLAR SYSTEM is a delightful coloring book aimed at ages Pre-K through 8th grade. Introducing Sir Truth-a-Lot and Sir Tell-a-Lot, two brave caterpillars that children will love, this work also provides education about the solar system, a fun imaginary planet called Insecta, and hours of fun coloring 16 beautiful illustrations by Jessica Orfe and Sarah Black. Certain to delight,  TRUTH AND TELL will be a delight to parents and grandparents as well!