Authoring a book like THE SOLAR TRIANGLE (Savant 2017) about Koski and Falk, is a stroll down memory lane with fictional action and some punchy lines added. The saying 'nihil novi sub sole' ('there's nothing new under the sun') from the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes, never rang so true with this, their sixth adventure. Weather control, or more specifically, solar energy control, has ancient roots. 

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the lost continent of Atlantis in two of his books, TIMAEUS and CRITIAS, in mid-300 B.C.  In them, Atlantis was characterized as a continent with an ancient civilization the opposite of his REPUBLIC, harboring the worst possible traits. Atlantans were said to have conquered the Mediterranean including Egypt. Over time, as the legend grew, Atlantans were imagined to have the ability to control power of the sun. in the 1961 film, "Atlantis, the Lost Continent," Atlantans are portrayed as having a giant crystal that focuses solar energy into a single beam. It has been suggested by some writers that the great pyramids are inoperative copies of the Atlantan device. Really, how could any writer not be intrigued, even inspired by this legend that so closely parallels modern society's desire to control the sun and weather?

In THE SOLAR TRIANGLE, what appears to be a top secret meeting between scientists from three nations to create a way to harness solar energy to better humanity's condition, turns out to have a dark side that every Atlantan-style nation would want as part of its arsenal. Koski and Falk, in turn, are stretched to their limits to bring the meeting to fruition while thwarting the plans of adversaries determined to weaponize and militarize the technology and sell it to the highest bidder. 

I hope you will enjoy this sixth Koski and Falk adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

A. G. Hayes
Multi-award-winning Author of (Amazon purchase links)
     THE SOLAR TRIANGLE (Savant 2017)
     FINDING KATE (Savant 2016)
     QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016)
     THE CHEMICAL FACTOR (Savant 2015)
     IMMINENT DANGER (Savant 2013)
     THE JUDAS LIST (Savant 2012)