An action/adventure novel about global petro-power-greed, THE OIL MAN features John Marx, an offshore oil derrick supervisor who unknowingly holds the keys to that power as well as to his, his family and friends' lives or deaths. An amateur conspiracy theorist, he, his wannabe James Bondish friend, Josh Platur, and his devoted wife, Anne, nonetheless have no idea as to why or what it is all really about. Not until Marx begins uncovers the threads of a real conspiracy, each of which exacts its own deadly price.

From beginning to end, THE OIL MAN raises questions, from the character of John Marx to the very nature of the black gold that his and others are seeking to exploit at an level never imagined. Meet one character after another who will stop at nothing to get his or her hands on the elusive information that can make or break the next generation "Oil Man."

Leon Puissegur
Author of THE OIL MAN (Savant 2011)