My newest release, THE HANGING OF DR. HANSON (Savant 2014), already began receiving wide spread interest and acclaim even before it was released. It's the tale of Dr. Hanson Bumgardner, better known as "Dr. Hanson." The story is set in the tumultuous mid-1800's when historic forces were driving the United States of America towards what seemed to be certain self-destruction.

Hanson Bumgardner is an historical figure. Researching his life, especially on the Western plains and during the Civil War, was engrossing. In the process, I discovered many fascinating facts and tidbits about life during those times, too many, in fact to include them all in the novel. People's lives may have been different back then, but their thoughts, needs, desires and motivations are surprisingly contemporary. That's partly what makes this work so accessible to the modern reader. One can relate surprisingly easily to the character's struggles, joys and sorrows.

Hanson's tale is quite captivating as he strives to discover his life-calling. However, he toils in one of the worst eras of American history, which constantly adds to his confusion and nudges him along a path that ultimately leads to his doom.

THE HANGING OF DR. HANSON (Savant 2014) is a story about human basics: life and death, war and peace, love and loss. It's about how, despite the best of intentions, humans so often seem to be led astray. To make it more dramatic and realistic, Bumgardner himself is quoted from his ninety-minute soliloquy on the gallows, as he recounts his amazing life story while attempting to bide for time, hoping for a miraculous last minute rescue or reprieve.

I believe this, my latest novel, will appeal to almost every type of reader. It is a timely Civil War tale that chronicles of one person's very real ordeal as he copes with the technical, political and emotional turmoil of nineteenth-century life. It's strongest appeal, I believe, is that Dr. Hanson Bumgardner's life struggles will seem quite at home in our currently tumultuous times.

Bentley Gates
Award-winning Author of
THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY (Savant 2010 -- Amazon Kindle Bestseller)