I am thoroughly excited about the release of THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY. No other novel describing terrorist activities has even considered the heinous scheme depicted in the novel, yet it is an entirely possible plan. That is what makes it so thrilling; the realism, the threat, the on-going war against terrorism contributes to the believability of the story.

I know readers will identify with the impulsive Lt. Rob Anderson who learns how to control expressing his emotions as well as the unusual, but effective leadership style of Lieutenant Commander John Allen. Contrasting this is the pirate Captain Yazid whose crew is often suspended between sobriety and drunkenness, yet will snap to determined action at a nod from Yazid.

I think the reader will gain new insights as they examine the Islamic Jihadist, Javed Ahmed whose resolve binds the terrorists together and who leads through example knowing this will be his final holy mission on earth. His religious commitment absolute, he sails towards his own demise as he contemplates his mission comparing it to Kamikaze pilots whose religious dedication led them down a parallel path.

Go to www.thebahrainconspiracy.com for a great website full of information about the ships, planes and men depicted in the novel. A sui generis “Reader’s Companion” can be found there to enhance the reader’s enjoyment of THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY.

Bentley Gates
Author of THE BAHRAIN CONSPIRACY - Available NOW in softcover book from the Savant Bookstore and Amazon.com and in eBook Kindle form from Amazon.com!