One particularly glaring weakness that I discovered while teaching in our public schools for thirty plus years is the shortage of really good reading material for preteens and early adolescents.  I am also the grandfather to two boys in that age group, and it is easy to see from that position also. That is why I decided to come out of my usual murder/mystery genre and write this story about my childhood dog and best friend, Shep.

Of course, my Shep could not actually talk, but I often imagined that he could.  The hero in this book does communicate in a very real way with certain “select friends.” This is a terrific book to use in a language arts or reading class for this age group and lends itself to some lively discussions within the class.  It is a welcome change from the superhero fairy tale books.  It becomes very easy for students to put themselves in the role of Pete, Shep’s owner.  

I am very proud of this book and I know that buying a copy for yourself to read will lead you to order enough for your class to read also, or to give as gifts to your young friends.