I am happy to announce the release of my newest book and my first work of fiction.

Although I’m pleased to have book praise from such folks as the directors of the Cousteau Society and the Algalita Foundation, I think the best endorsement comes from my anonymous proofreaders annotation sent to the publisher along with the final proofing markups:

"It is a well-written, well-edited book, in my opinion. I also think it is an excellent read, full of vital information that everyone needs to be aware of, and it has an intriguing but plausibly-written storyline. I plan to order four books to use as Christmas presents, the moment it's released, and one more to keep for myself (and to show to several people I believe will be quite interested in it). I hope this book will be widely read. The story itself is fascinating."
I sincerely hope that this book will serve to help us re-member who we really are, what our relationship to other sentient beings truly is, and how we must act for the sake of the seventh generation.
Four Arrows, author of LAST SONG OF THE WHALES