As I mentioned just before Savant Books released my previous novel, MANIFEST INTENT, I had returned to my roots as a lawyer after my first novel, the Hawaiian thriller KANAKA BLUES.  My newest work, RULES OF PRIVILEGE, stays in that world, but strays from the environment of the big law firm into the orbit of solo practitioners, who sometimes struggle just to stay afloat. 

While the problems of large and small firms often are radically different, all lawyers, no matter the size of their firms, confront ethical issues to which there are often no easy answers.  The disciplinary rules of a particular state may offer guidelines, but in the day-to-day affairs of law practice, sometimes there is no bright line test.  RULES OF PRIVILEGE takes a behind-the-scenes look at the dilemma a criminal lawyer faces when she knows her client is guilty -- knows, in fact, that he may be a serial killer -- yet she is duty bound to zealously defend him. Complicate that with a family relationship and the line blurs even more.  That’s the dilemma Dane Morgan faces in this legal thriller. 

Mike Farris
Author of RULES OF PRIVILEGE (Savant 2012)