With the departure of  Rich’s sexy former au pair, Rich Cameron is left to find a love among his peers – first a sweet sister-like friend, and then a girl who changed in one summer from a needy adolescent into a voluptuous young woman.  Both girls are attracted to Rich, one for his friendship, the other for his sudden celebrity when one of the boy wonder’s songs is picked up by a popular rock star.  

What develops in this strange, challenging year in our young man’s life is a closer bond with Brian - Rich’s father’s gay partner - a physical move to a new home and circumstances, two new girl friends who deeply care about Rich, rich or poor, in good health or definitely not.   Huey also steps up to the plate, offering a very large, very muscular shoulder to lean on.  And then there’s Apollo, every teen’s idol and an overnight friend who catapults Rich into fame and eventually, infamy.
Rich gets his first bad mark in of all things, English Lit, specifically an essay. Unable to accept this degrading reproach before an entire class, Rich strikes back.  What he gets for his ingenious putdown of the teacher in front of his class is nothing short of  heroic praise and worship from his peers.  But the people Rich trust the most do not think what he did was justified, necessary nor admirable.
And that's only the beginning. what follows is a roller coaster as thrilling, traumatic and life affirming as only adolescence is capable of being. RICHER is what our hero, his best friends and family, as well as the reader will find themselves after the dust settles on a brand new chapter in the life of the incomparable Rich Cameron.

Jean Blasiar
Author of POOR RICH (Savant 2010) and RICHER (Savant 2011)