An article about Richard Rose's newly-released screenplay-novel, COMIC CRUSADERS (Aignos 2019) just appeared in Chicago's "Skyline" Newspaper ( In the book, a teenage cartoonist uses a magic pen to bring a superhero to life to help him find his father, who has mysteriously disappeared. In doing so, he unwittingly unleashes a grotesque supervillain and his Dark Legion, challenging him to find a way to save his father while preventing the Dark Legion from taking over the world. 

"The screenplay novel is a new genre we at Savant/Aignos are championing and Richard Rose is in outstanding company. In essence, the screenplay novel is a more visually-oriented read situated between the novel and graphic comics/manga, designed with new new generation of readers in mind," says Daniel S. Janik, Publisher. "COMIC CRUSADERS is the third in the series, the first being A. G. Hayes' CHANG THE MAGIC CAT (Aignos 2017), the second J. G. Matheny's THE PRINCESS IN MY HEAD (Aignos 2018), and the fourth Clif McCrady's I'LL REMEMBER (Aignos 2019)." 

COMIC CRUSADERS is also available from at as are all Savant/Aignos publications.