It was an honor and privilege to be asked to join with A. G. Hayes in the continued creation of protagonist Koski and Falk's world of international intrigue. In this fifth in the Koski and Falk series, the two face both a political and technological conundrum of global proportion, which threatens the very foundations of democracy, free trade and capitalism. In QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016), Koski and Falk must pursue separate assignments to find the kvantovaya mashina smerti, or Quantum Death Machine, the pursuit of which seems destined to end in certain death, all while holding desperately onto to their budding feelings for each other.  

In the process, meet Thomas Steward, their handler and ostensible leader of the ultra-secret Cerebrus organization, as he returns to the field in a last swan song. And Kate Keenan, an old flame of Falk's, willing to fight Koski for his love and affection. And Alexei Korov, the affable captain of the Russian Yassin-class fast-attack submarine Severodvinsk, who finds himself center-stage in what might very well be the next and final nuclear war, as well as a host of other larger-as-life characters from what ultimately proves to be Koski and Falk's past, present and future. 

Raymond Gaynor (aka Multi-Award-Winning Author Gary Martine/Daniel S. Janik)
Co-author with A. G. Hayes of QUANTUM DEATH (Savant 2016)