Come meet these travelers in KINDRED the Savant 2018 Poetry Anthology. Travel with them into their private pasts, deepest desires, their pain, exaltation and loves. Walk with them on roads they've traveled; traversing, diverging, converging…or disappearing into a vanishing point in an uncertain place in past or future. 

KINDRED's poems are the products of nineteen different, outstanding poets, the poets serving as your personal driver into a wide variety of new and exciting realms. Settle in beside or behind your favorite drivers and let them to transport you into a world that's greater than anything you've imagined, occasionally looking over their shoulder to look them in the eye. Nineteen poets from various points on the globe, have lit a night candle just for you, or if you’re toiling in the desert or snow, the desert, warmly inviting you to join them for a respite. Nineteen different eyes look at the human condition and first and foremost strive to connect kindred souls, whether poet or reader. 

Gary "Doc" Krinberg
     Guest Editor for KINDRED - 2018 Savant Poetry Anthology