Flush with success after receiving first place for poetry in the 2011 London Book Festival for WAVELENGTHS - The 2011 Savant Anthology of Poetry, we bring you FIFTY-EIGHT STONES - The 2012 Savant Anthology of Poetry!

FIFTY-EIGHT STONES presents thirty-four outstanding poems by eleven exceptional and many award-winning poets including Shawn Canon, Nadia Cox, Helen Doan, David Gemmell, Richard Hookway, Daniel S. Janik, Vivekanand Jha, Doc Krinberg, Julie McKinney, Francis Powell and Jean Yamasaki Toyama. Edited by Daniel S. Janik, FIFTY-EIGHT STONES is the third in Savant's yearly poetry anthology series, proof positive that poetry is not dead in the publishing world!

Why the unusual title? Savant Books and Publications is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and in respect for the Hawaiian tradition, we thought our poems, like the fifty-eight different kinds of stones in Hawaii, were also imbued with mana (spiritual power) and meaning. If you like poetry - and, hey, who hasn't at some time in their life? - I invite you to enjoy this luau (celebratory smorgasbord) of poetry. And if you're a poet at heart - and, hey, who isn't at some time in their life? - dig out those treasured poems, drop by http://www.savantbooksandpublications.com/poetry.php and submit them for consideration in the 2013 Anthology. Savant Books and Publications - It's about Heart-to-Heart Communication.

Daniel S. Janik (editor for FIFTY-EIGHT STONES - The 2012 Savant Anthology of Poetry)