Whether for or against abortion, everyone has feelings about this issue, and with good reason: abortion speaks to the human condition like no other—the issue of freedom. MY UNBORN CHILD is the story of one woman’s struggle for personal freedom. Cassie O’Shaunessy loses her faith, her husband, and her unborn child, and she is so bereft with guilt that she wants to take her own life; but she has an experience with the Soul of her aborted daughter Seana that lifts her spirit to new heights of life, love, and liberation.

MY UNBORN CHILD is the story of one woman’s indomitable struggle for her own identity, free of all the baggage foisted upon her by her family, religion, and convention. It is a happy story, but the price that Cassie O’Shaunessy has to pay for happiness does not come cheaply. Read it. Ponder it. Savor it. And then read it again and you will have one of the most rewarding reading experiences of your life. That’s a promise!

Orest Stocco