As he awakens on a plane, Miles Devereaux is confused, disoriented and otherwise oblivious to what has happened to him.  As the plane descends into an eye-popping spectacle of a city that is unlike any other, he soon discovers he has awakened sixty years in the future in the dazzling city of Bangkok.

Soon, he is on a visionary adventure and battle to save himself in a real-life game of chess. Miles is challenged with quickly adapting to an array of ingenious technology and engineering marvels of the future as well as the ancient and deadly arts of the past. He must match wits and physical skills with an array of colorful opponents, all the while catching a glimpse of the sensational future. He slowly pieces together the mystery of his time travel and how he can return to his own time before time runs out. What he does not know is he only has one night to accomplish the impossible. One night to discover. One night to survive. One night in Bangkok!