ALL THINGS AWAIT is a story about the brief and chaotic summer misadventure of Lightly—an impossibly good-looking and hopelessly self-absorbed star quarterback from an elite Virginia college. A gifted and unstable synesthete, Lightly sets off with a photo of a remote beach and the help of an unpopular, overweight, and depressed classmate named Santana Montana in pursuit of a secret location where he believes all the parallel universes predicted by quantum theory—and all possible variations of himself—await. Informed by quantum physics and driven to evade the dark grip of a family tragedy, Lightly sets out on his impromptu picaresque search that is at once absurd and poignant.

I spent over three months living on the remote peninsula in Costa Rica where the second half of ALL THINGS AWAIT takes place. The rustic cafés I wrote in were full of interesting travellers and the swells were terrific; in fact, I went totally deaf from surfer's ear and at one point found myself fighting off two burglars with a garden hoe. These experiences and others built for me—through long accumulation—an increasingly detailed picture of Santa Teresa that I think is authentically reflected in the novel. I didn't just write it. I lived it.

Seth Clabough
Author of ALL THINGS AWAIT (Savant 2016)