This second in the Savant "Color-Me-Please" book series is a fantasy full of adventures packed with illustrations to be colored by youngsters six to twelve years old.

MYTHICAL VOYAGE: TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA is a multilayered story that demanding active participation from young readers and their parents. Written to challenge the mind and re-kindle the magic that exists in all of us, it is, ultimately, an individual journey replete with wide-eyed curiosity, exciting discoveries and reflective transformation, acknowledging Nature as the most relevant teacher.

 The main character is a Unicorn drawn from ancient lore. The story is set in another planet. When a strange progeny, Bibi, is born within a colony of fantastic creatures, the Poncas, all witness the beginning of a long lost legend. Yet Bibi's destiny is unknown to all including herself. She dreams of another world… In a race against time, and with the help of a Sage and her father, Bibi embarks on a quest to find that world.

The book originated from a drawing I made of a unicorn and my two daughters (as I imagined they would be) when my youngest child was but a few months old and my oldest a toddler. When, based on the drawing, I began weaving a short story for them, they asked for the Unicorn's name. I named it Bibi, because of it means "love" (and also it was easy for them to say). The story evolved each time I told it, and I created additional paintings to illustrate the plot for them, as a greater story developed and emerged.
When my children grew up, I kept in mind how much they enjoyed the stories I had invented and decided to record them to reveal to other children. As I wrote and re-wrote, the stories grew into a full-fledged manuscript that soon took a life of its own. Thanks to my editor's loving guidance and my publisher's tenacity, the manuscript evolved even further to become a "Color-Me-Please" work of art with my original paintings serving as a base for the drawings that are now in the book.

I sincerely hope that readers of all ages will enjoy the poignant story of Bibi's search for fulfillment of destiny in MYTHICAL VOYAGE: THE TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA.

Robin Ymer (Claude Aguilera)
Author of MYTHICAL VOYAGE: THE TALE OF THE WHITE PONCA - Available now on and at fine bookstores everywhere