“Max yawned and began to stretch, stopping short when the pain in his neck shot down his arm. He walked back into his room, sat on the bed, and then lay back, pulling the sheet up to his chin. He rolled over onto his left side. His head sank deep into the pillow, and he closed his eyes. The events of the day receded into the darkness. His breathing deepened and slowed as exhaustion took over. The room was quiet. A mourning dove cooed outside his bedroom window. Just as sleep was about to overtake him, Max's eyes shot open again. He sat bolt upright. This time it wasn't necessary to cup his ears. They were back, The Words, clearer than before.”

 I am very excited about my latest work, entitled More More Time (2015). The title comes from a game I used to play with our oldest granddaughter. In this story, Maxwell Ruth, a cantankerous, old high school history teacher falls down his basement stairs. Soon thereafter he starts hearing “The Words” over and over again -- endingtimeendingtimeendingtime -- and his life is changed forever.

In this story we learn about the lives, loves, and losses of six characters, each of which is searching for something. Hargrove, Max’s buttoned-up friend with a dark secret; Hargrove’s wife, Gwen, who is re-making herself as she heals from depression and grief; and their never to be forgotten daughter, Sally; Beth, a massage therapist, surmounting a history of child sexual abuse; her husband, Bob, a man at loose ends who is looking for a purpose; and Constance, whose love and joie de vive is the medicine to change Max’s life.

I especially enjoyed how the characters in this story evolved. They are lively, funny, at times; a little bit lost or wounded, yet resilient and hopeful.  Through them, I explore issues that we all have to address in our lives. How do we make relationships work? What is the impact of loss on our lives? How do we use the time allotted to us, even though we have no idea how much time we actually have? I think that we are always wrestling with these questions; we are always looking for answers. It is through this process that we make sense of our lives and give them meaning."

David B. Seaburn
Author of
     Charlie No Face (Savant 2011)
     Chimney Bluffs (Savant 2012)
     More More Time (Savant 2015)