When A. G. Hayes' new action-adventure spy book, the third in the Koski and Falk series, IMMINENT DANGER (Savant 2014) was released, I for one, didn't expect it to mirror the mood of today's times and conditions quite so vividly. In the book, a rock-star/religious extremist attempts a 9/11 "comeback" by orchestrating the mass assassination of the world's religious leaders, including the Pope, at an Easter sunrise service at the Hollywood Bowl. Only Koski and Falk, two of Cerebrus' most experienced agents, seem able to effectively interject themselves between killer and targets, and, in doing so, place at risk their own growing personal relationship. With the rise of interest in a single world government and now religion, IMMINENT DANGER seems more a look into one possible future rather than pure fiction, a future I shudder before.

IMMINENT DANGER, and the first novel in the preeminent Koski and Falk series, WHO'S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS? this week  received an LA BOOK FESTIVAL AWARD and a GREAT SOUTHWEST BOOK FESTIVAL AWARD respectively, adding further to multi-award-winning author, A. G. Hayes' fast growing list of literary accomplishments.

Not only are all three of Hayes' Koski and Falk works, including the second in the series, THE JUDAS LIST, riveting page-turners, but a fourth book, THE CHEMICAL FACTOR is already in editing, and two more sequels are in the planning.

Action-adventure enthusiasts have lots to enjoy and look forward to in A. G. Hayes' Koski and Falk series exclusively by Savant Books and Publications.