LIGHT SURFER follows the life of an enigmatic, abused child named Tony Jess. While Tony retreats further and further into autism, fate is plotting an out-of-this-world plan for his future that, even in his wildest "psychotic" dreams, he couldn't imagine. Sometimes, one needs to remain naïve for sanity's sake. At least, until the future has sufficiently gestated and is ready to become the present.

On the other hand, the fate of Dr. Baird, Tony's psychiatrist, appears, like that of Dr. Baird's father, quite predictable: Father and son are destined to become two of Australia’s most prominent psychiatrists as they attempt to restore Tony to normalcy. Their ultimate fate, and that of everyone touched by them, however, ends up quite different than imagined. The reason for the detour in the history of the world is the very subject they are studying: Tony Jess.

Under instruction by Dr. Baird, Jr., Tony, as he recovered, kept a journal, recording his awakening and detailing his fantasies, a journal so unusual that it ended up being seized by the United States government. The contents of the journal ultimately spark an international cover-up headed by the newly formed United Nations Technology Commission. As far as Dr. Baird, Jr., is concerned, it's all ludicrous. Tony's schizophrenia is being unveiled as he recovers from his autism; Tony's psychotic fantasies are anything but true, and this was well before the word "alien" appeared in the mess. What else is unveiled is that Tony is also a savant—a prodigy when it comes to computer programming—one bristling with plenty of reasons for wanting vengeance on a world that never seemed to understand or want him from the start.

The best computer experts from governments all over the world spend twenty years trying to crack the reams of computer code he generated and, to their horror, released to the Internet and is now integrated into virtually all computing devices throughout the world. In a last desperate effort, Dr. Baird is finally given an opportunity to read Tony’s journal. Although he finds nothing in the journal that would change his diagnosis, he does get an idea of what the world is so concerned about. Regardless of how Tony learned to program computers, the programs could prove a disastrous weapon in the wrong hands, or even a global doomsday device. In the end, the proof of Tony's sanity and the fate of the world, hang in what the "sleeper code" he's release will do when the time comes. And that time is suddenly now.

David Allan Williams
Author of LIGHT SURFER (Savant 2012)