Who will enjoy my newest book, POOR RICH?  
Ages 15 and up: Teens, young adults, adults, gays, non-gays, parents, non-parents, those who have ever been in love with a supermodel (from afar, or even up close), those who have been tormented by peers, those who agonized through high school, those who breezed through high school, physically challenged, socially challenged, those who enjoy a good story, many good stories.

If you fall within any of these categories, POOR RICH will prove titillating reading.  It’s taken a lifetime of experiences to develop this character, a breaking away from prejudice of family and friends and finding the writer’s own tolerance level, the beauty and worth within everyone.  Growing up in white, heterosexual Ohio after World War II, where one fraternized with his or her “kind,” I was ill prepared to understand the differences in races, sexes or religions.  Sheltered, defined by neighborhood, suspicious of anyone different, it has taken a lifetime of weeding through prejudices to realize the torment and the beauty in others of other persuasions.  I offer an insight into the world of one tormented, unaccepted genius who is not content to be martyred or stereotyped.

Rich Cameron is no one you know and everyone you know.  Part of him was your best friend growing up, parts of him were the kid you loved to hate, the kid you joked about, made fun of, and parts of him, you admit now, were you.  You’ll recognize him looking through your yearbook, looking at your son going through heartache you can’t do anything about, looking into your own father’s distraught eyes at a time when he was confused about how to help you, or looking into a mirror.  It’s called puberty among other things, and for some it seems to last forever.

Wishing you a Wonderful Read,
Jean Blasiar
Author of POOR RICH