David B. Seaburn draws from over thirty five years’ experience as a minister and psychotherapist to address some of the most basic issues of the human heart: loss, uncertainty, hope, fear, love, joy, seeking, wonder, and redemption. Seaburn has written and published three novels, DARKNESS IS AS LIGHT (2005) and PUMPKIN HILL (2007), and CHARLIE NO FACE (2011), which was a Finalist for the 2011 Indie Excellence in Books Award. Seaburn continues his focus on the dilemmas of human experience with his latest novel, CHIMNEY BLUFFS, a complex and powerful story of love, loss and renewal.

In CHIMNEY BLUFFS, Kate and Mitch have devoted their lives to their four-year-old son, Danny, having shepherded him through heart surgery only to have him struck down unexpectedly by a virulent and unforgiving form of meningitis. In their grief, Mitch proposes that they jump together from the cliffs at Chimney Bluffs, a nearby state park. For him, it will bring the family together again, this time in eternity. For Kate, who does not believe in an afterlife and who feels responsible for Danny’s death, it will be justice.

The next morning, two park employees, Clancy and Bobby, find Danny and his favorite toys side by side in two sacks, Mitch dead in the water nearby, and Kate lying on the shore, very much alive. What follows is a story of loss, grief and renewal, as Kate, Clancy and Bobby form an unlikely friendship, sharing and wrestling with the losses in each of their lives that have made moving forward nearly impossible. In the end, it is the quality of those relationships that not only pulls them through, but enables each of them to emerge as new persons.

David B. Seaburn is a retired psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and ordained minister. He lives with his wife in Spencerport, NY.