Visitors to the Solimar Guest House in Puerto Rico are experiencing more than sun, sand and sea. They are grappling with ways—often quirky and manic, sometimes violent or profane, but always in what they consider the sincerest terms—to straighten out their off-kilter lives.

     The adventures of the island locals, the political exiles and the ex-pats born, raised in and fleeing from the U.S. are played out in different parts of the island—from the seaside guest house to the cobbled streets of Old San Juan, to the luxury hotels on the tourist strip, to the countryside squatter communities to the mountainous rain forest. The protagonists in these connected stories search for what they have lost or never had or that will always be out of reach.
     The stories, propelled by these often weird, sometimes heart-warming characters, explore the human condition anytime in any place.

Robert Friedman
Author of ISLAND WILDLIFE: Exiles, Expats and Exotic Others (Aignos 2018)