Twenty years ago, the seminal idea for MY UNBORN CHILD rushed into my mind with unprecedented ferocity when I read an ad in my hometown newspaper. A local parish priest offered a reward to “the first scientist of any discipline who can prove in the cold light of pure science that a little person begins to be a person at some moment other than the time of his or her conception in the womb.” My belief in reincarnation was so deeply ingrained that I was offended to the core by the priest’s ad, which challenged science to prove that Soul, our spiritual self and person that we become, does not pre-exist the physical body, that I felt compelled to respond, which I do in my newest novel MY UNBORN CHILD. The challenge as a creative writer was twofold: to “prove” that Soul pre-exists the physical body, and to write the story from a woman’s point of view.

My central character Cassie O’Shaunnesy is a Christian who loses her faith, her husband, and her unborn child. She is so bereft with guilt that she falls into a state of suicidal despair, but she is spared going down this road by an experience she has with Seana, the Soul of her aborted daughter. Cassie leaves her native Vancouver and moves her children to Georgian Bay, Ontario where she meets David Oakly, the new love of her life. Their unbounded mutual respect, awash with spiritual wonder, dissolves the veils of the mysteries of life and changes their lives forever. MY UNBORN CHILD is one woman’s compelling story that responds to the priest’s challenge, and offers an entirely new, fresh perspective on the abortion issue.

Orest Stocco,
Author of MY UNBORN CHILD (Savant 2010)