On April 27, 1974, a young mother named Chan Kim is forced into the Killing Fields, where her baby girl dies. Why her child deserved to die remains the question at the center of Chan Kim’s search for love and hope throughout the novel. Who can help her somehow accept the injustice done to her?

After surviving the Killing Fields, Chan Kim is summoned by Amery, a powerful spirit who claims that Chan is blessed with the psychic ability to change humanity’s destructive trajectory. Chan Kim is a reluctant prophet, but is cheered on by Simon, an Australian doctor and the love of her life.

Chan Kim then meets Tristan, a spirit as powerful as Amery, who believes that mankind is a parasite destroying its host—the planet—and that humanity’s extinction is the only solution to saving Earth and its other species. Chan Kim understands both the logic of Tristan's ideas and the humane compassion that Amery preaches. She also knows that neither spirit is all good or bad and that both carry elements of truth and madness.

After Simon dies in a mysterious way, Chan Kim is ready to give up on life when she receives a midnight call from Wani, her long lost sister. Chan migrates to California and pursues her own version of the American dream.

Her life is idyllic for quite some time…until the self-righteous Amery and Tristan return to meddle. Chan is thrown into turmoil that only worsens when a young woman named Jessica enters her life.

Will Chan Kim succumb to hatred? Will she retain virtue? Will she help heal the human race, or lose her powers? Will she find love again, or will she wilt as she wonders: “Can a heart with three holes in it continue to beat, continue to care?”

Ilan Herman
Author of CHAN KIM (Savant 2011)