It's time to 'book' your reservations to visit rural Wisconsin through the eyes of Emma Benson and David Schlosser in Gloria Schumann's newly-released book—CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER.

Rolling hills, dotted with grazing dairy cows, friendly neighbors, nosy relatives, quaint farmhouses and all the residents of Brooks, Wisconsin, await your arrival with great anticipation. Come and find out why Emma and David felt 'called back' to their roots, why the vision of their respective futures didn't coincide, why even though they felt the attraction building for one another, they had to fightt it.

Emma will provide a tour of her damaged heart, and in the process, I hope her determination will infuse you with hope and her loyalty will fill you with pride. She'll show you how her life becomes complicated and confusing, exhilarating and engaging, fretful and fearful, luxurious and loving. You'll be a journey that will threaten property, security, livelihood and life and in the end offer the wholehearted love of family and friends, and an answer to problems through a life filled with true love.

David will point out the necessity of the practical and the advantage of unity. His generosity and friendship are evident in Emma's life well before his presence becomes essential. In the process, journey with him as his heart demands he discover a way to become indispensable to fiercely independent Emma.

Come walk the country path of self-discovery and self-preservation that lead Emma and David to love—their ultimate destination. Experience it all when you visit them in CALLED HOME - TWO HEARTS ANSWER.

Gloria Schumann
Author of CALLED HOME (Savant 2010). Available from the Savant Bookstore, on and at fine bookstores everywhere.