My new mystery/thriller, RETRIBUTION, has just been released by Savant Books and Publications.

In this sequel to the award winning THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES, Chicago Police Department detective “Mack” McPherson returns to the northeast Indiana lakes community after 23 years to confront those who he believes murdered his brother and others who covered up the crime. When they suddenly become murder victims, Mack is the prime suspect, challenging him to track a dangerous psychopath who has them on his hit list along with Mack’s former girlfriend. In so doing, Mack learns that in seeking retribution, he ultimately finds redemption. 

RETRIBUTION is available directly from the Publisher and Savant Bookstores at https://savant-bookstore-honolulu.square.site/product/Retribution/151 and Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1737643111  as well as bookstores throughout the world.