After nearly 35 years of acclaimed non-fiction books, chapters and articles on topics related to wellness, education, adventure, psychology and Indigenous worldviews, Four Arrows, also known as Dr. Don Trent Jacobs, presents his second work of fiction, LAST SONG OF THE WHALES (Savant, 2010). His first non-fiction, ground-breaking children's book, HAPPY EXERCISE: AN ADVENTURE INTO THE WORLD OF FITNESS FOR CHILDREN, was published in 1978. Over the years, this author's visionary publications have been praised by notable authors, such as Sam Keen, Noam Chomsky, Parker Palmer, Vine Deloria, Jr., Thom Hartmann, Dan Millman and Sunita Gandhi. His work on ecological issues has been recognized by numerous respected environmental groups, including The Environmental Action Coalition, Earth Island Institute and the National Wildlife Federal. To date, LAST SONG OF THE WHALES has been endorsed by the Cousteau Society, the Algalita Marine Research Foundation and Ocean Revolution. 

In LAST SONG OF THE WHALES, Four Arrows presents an incredible story of an aging professor who is intentionally taken by a humpback whale to witness a potential calamity for planet Earth that requires our immediate attention. The man, a mixed blood aboriginal, comes to realize the inherent wisdom of his Indigenous heritage while his wife and a maverick marine biologist play detective. They try to understand his mysterious disappearance with the whale and locate him before it is too late. This novella combines a story of survival and personal transformation with interspecies communication, ocean science and Indigenous worldviews to create what noted script writer, Roger Wolfson, calls, “A metaphor of profound, biblical implications that affects the heart as deeply as it does the mind.”

Four Arrows is of Creek/Cherokee/Scots/Irish ancestry and is an Oglala Sun Dancer. He is a former Marine Corps pilot, world-class equestrian and college dean. In 2004, he was awarded the prestigious Martin Springer Institute for Holocaust Studies Moral Courage Award for his activism. He currently lives with his artist wife on two Pacific coasts. The couple spends winters in Mexico and summers in British Columbia.