Back in the 1930s, Americans would struggle to part with twenty-five cents in order to spend part of an afternoon at the movies trying to forget the Great Depression and the uncertain times outside the theater. Screwball comedies provided the antidote to their desolation in this difficult time in our history.

In THE LOONS (Savant 2012), I've recreated the spirit of laughable chaos reminiscent of the screwball comedies of the thirties with an eccentric family of seven DeLune cousins that neighbors call "The Loons."

The book is the story of Christy Prentice, a young, married con-artist who makes her money attending funeral services for super-wealthy men, and then passing off a doctored photo of herself, revealing that the dearly departed was her father. Estates would usually send her a few thousand dollars just to keep her quiet, and as far away from the reading of the will as possible.

At the funeral for her latest mark, recently deceased mega-rich tycoon Parker DeLune, Christy, to her surprise, is welcomed with open arms into the upside-down world of the seven Delune cousins. Celebrate the DeLunes with Christy as she navigates their eccentricities, discovering in the process that hers is not the only con-game afoot: the wily estate attorneys are running their own scam, and aren't at all inclined to welcome to another player.

The discovery phase continues as Christy finds herself fighting for "The Loons," and ultimately for her own dreams and sanity.

In these time of social, political and economic unrest, I invite you to kick back and enjoy THE LOONS. And I hope to be back soon with Norma Jean and Kate in CALLING NORMA JEAN, the sequel to HELLO, NORMA JEAN (Savant 2010).

Sue Dolleris
Author of
     THE LOONS (Savant 2012)
     HELLO, NORMA JEAN (Savant 2010)