What if Cleopatra and Antony had triumphed at Actium over Octavian, the first Emperor of Rome? Would our world have been changed? What would the Middle East, Europe, and, by extension, the rest of the world, look like if the course of Western history was determined not by Rome but by Egypt?

CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED (Savant 2015), the first of three novels in a series, imagines this scenario. Cleopatra, historically the last queen of Egypt, becomes instead the mother of an Egypto-Roman empire, the greatest the world has ever known. Cleopatra, her family, and those dear to her, as well as those not so dear to her, come to life in this richly imagined alternate history.

Follow Cleopatra's privileged yet troubled childhood as the third daughter of Pharaoh Auletes, a weak-willed man despised by his subjects, other children, and even his wife. Be there as Cleopatra, his favored child and the only one loyal to him, learns at his feet—and from his errors. Determined to keep her nation alive and her people free, Cleopatra, although of Macedonian Greek heritage, develops a deep bond with the native people of Egypt. Meet Julius Caesar, Pompey, Cicero and his son, Cicero Minor, Marc Antony, and the ambitious but despicable Octavian as well as his wife, Livia, who will stop at nothing to destroy Cleopatra and Egypt.

Open the cover and immerse yourself immediately in ancient Egypt through Cleopatra's eyes as you read her personal memoirs, the ones archeologists have yet to discover!

Helen R. Davis, Award-Winning Author of