Released the day before the 21 August 2017 total eclipse, CHANG THE MAGIC CAT (Aignos 2017), is an adventure written in an entirely new genre: that of a screenplay novel. Follow Ta Juan Chang, the mysterious, wise, all-knowing cat, in an enchanted mystery filled with human interlopers and usurpers as he works with his friends to find an heir to Briersly Manor and continue a legacy of magic dating back to the age of the Court of Kublai Khan.

With the help of the humans, Allnot and Peter,  Chang seeks to help solve an ancient, complicated riddle establishing the manor's rightful heir by preparing him for a performance using  left-over props of true magicians through the ages.

Seldom has any cat run into more obstacles: unwanted visitors, uninvited guests, busybodies greedy meddlers, and a hilarious band of gypsies all seeking to obtain the rights to the manor and seize a magical dynasty for themselves.

CHANG THE MAGIC CAT is both a novel and play that will appeal to readers young and old while presenting community theaters something new and exciting to perform.