Bodine Henry, a U.S marshal of the 1870's American west sets out with warrants issued by Federal Judge Roads to hunt down, arrest and transport three criminals to the Judge's court in Kansas City. Soon after Bo begins his quest, he interrupts the hanging of a black man, Daniel Washington Blue, who has been accused of horse thievery by his captors. After an altercation with the accusers during which two are killed, Bo learns that the "charges" were false. He and "Blue" form an alliance to serve Bo's original warrants and locate Blue's wife who was kidnapped along with others from Chicago.

When Bo begins his quest, he is an inexperienced young man with a strong sense of responsibility. His growing friendship with Blue, his subsequent impassioned meeting with Rose, as well as his encounters with the criminal world thrust him into an environment where he must evolve into a man.

Daniel Bradford
Author of BO HENRY AT THREE FORKS (Savant 2018)