In my opinion, an outstanding short story collection is the crowning glory of post-modern literature, and as proof, I offer my readers BLOOD MONEY - TALES FROM TWO CONTINENTS.

Each story is complete, but together, transcends individuality to timelessness and immortality. A dramatic vision of humankind's greatness and shortcomings, BLOOD MONEY takes on Love, Regret, Lust, Revenge, Hopelessness, Hope, Security, Adventure, Frustration and Acceptance. In my stories, it's the characters' uniquely individual experiences, ranging from the sublime to the bizarre, that enable them to ultimately fulfill their destiny. BLOOD MONEY stories use the raw power of everyday language to reveal what the characters think, feel and do, their actions often far beyond anything they believed themselves capable of. This is the culmination of what the soul lives for, and what I hope you will find in this work.

Join me as an advertising manager tries to get a bucket off his head, a writer tries to keep his stories from becoming too real, a professor tries to find a lost cat, and two women try to control the one thing they can't...their own lives.

Scott Mastro