What would the world be like if our children ceased to pursue their dreams? How dismal it would be without their expression! their song, their dance!

"That just cannot happen!
Get up little cutie.
Impressive art takes work,
The world needs your beauty!"

The birds in Ballerina Birdies know how to enjoy themselves, but they also know how rewarding hard work and discipline can be. Birds of all shapes and sizes are included, lest we miss out on anyone's talents. While this book will definitely be appreciated by ballet enthusiasts, bird lovers will appreciate the array of feathered friends depicted throughout the story. I hope children and adults will find this book and it's encouraging messages amusing! The combination of bird names and ballet terminology (a glossary is included) will expand the minds of young readers. The story is written with a delightful, poetic style that encourages children to read along with adults.  And what is a children's book without amazing illustrations! Jessica Orfe, a professional artist is also a dancer, and the movement of dance shows in her work. 

"Ballerina Birdies,
They can sing while they dance.
You should try it, too,
If you ever get the chance."

Marina Yamamoto
Author of BALLERINA BIRDIES (Savant 2015)
     The fourth in the Savant "COLOR-ME-PLEASE" series