Derek Fisher is a teenage vagrant with a troubled past. The Scotts are a well-to-do suburban family. Their worlds couldn't seem any further apart, but when Derek takes refuge from the streets and secretly moves into the crawl space under the Scotts' home, their paths are set on an explosive predestined collision course.

Having spent most of my life writing other people’s stories (as an actress, journalist, television news anchor, and now voice artist) it is so refreshing to create my own stories! BENEATH THEM (Aignos 2017) is a young adult thriller based off of a screenplay of the same name that was written by me and my writing partner, Mali Elfman.  

The idea for this story was heavily inspired by my time working as a television news anchor.

I find how we have to desensitize ourselves to societal injustices in order to go about our daily lives to be quite profound. If we didn't shield ourselves from these societal injustices, we'd all kind of collapse. I wanted to explore that. I wanted to bring someone into our lives that we'd often overlook to force the reader to connect—to let this character in. 

Although this project started out as a book, about halfway through my writing it, I met and became friends with an incredible filmmaker named, Mali Elfman, who I then partnered up with to finish the story in the form of a screenplay. So, the first half of the screenplay is inspired by the book, but the second half of the screenplay (that we both wrote) inspired the rest of the development for the book. Mali deserves a great deal of credit for her storyline contributions and I want to be sure that she gets it.

In addition to this book, I have published the bestselling voice over industry guide, How to Become a Voice Over Artist, as well as the romantic, young adult fantasy, Lucid.

BENEATH THEM has been such a passion project for me that has taken years of my life to get "just right." I really hope you enjoy it.

Natalie Roers
Author of BENEATH THEM (Aignos 2017)