This year's anthology came into being during challenging times, epitomized by the COVID-19 pandemic. People everywhere are being forced to rethink every aspect of society and their individual lives. Without the selfless, tireless assistance of Savant Books and Publications, this year's anthology might never have risen above the vicissitudes of the times. I also want to acknowledge the devoted assistance of the numerous native Hawaiian and religious poets who helped bring this "praise" work together as an egalitarian acclamation of life.

Eighty-six outstanding poems by thirty-five remarkable poets including Greg Dasalla, Garrett Uehara, Moses Pilla, Malia Elliott, Nicole Maika’i-St. Louis, Jay Palompo, Ken Rasti, James Andrade, Dorothy Winslow Wright, Skyla Reyes, Karen Sisler, Hongri Yuan, Daniel S. Janik, Rüdiger Herzing Rückmann, Chuck St. Louis, Michael Lau, Milionea Toluao, Christopher Scott Halicion, Brent Kutara, Uhene, Miranda Zhang, Sidney Esperas, Paul Giovenco, Eddie Aribon, Chino Villa, Cathy A. Schultz, Kimo Dunn, Kaethe Kauffman, Serena Saleh, Cigeng Zhang, Martin Estaban, Mike Patelo, Mark Kempf, Abram Rocky Horner and Conner Maika'i-St. Louis are offered in the largest (200+ page) anthology to date. 

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