San Francisco, 1978, post Viet Nam…'ludes, fern bars, disco, fast money and a hunger for cocaine…

Remy Karras, ex-recon bush marine, drug mule and sometimes bagman for his boss, a go-fer for higher up mobsters, finds himself inside his own nightmare journey when his cousin Jack's attempt at bringing kilos of cocaine back from Lima ignites a savage chain of events. 

Remy's dangerous odyssey in his attempt to help Jack brings him up against a bizarre coterie of career criminals on whose periphery he has lived for years: the D-Boys who bankrolled the drug running action, jumpy DEA men, lizard-eyed dope lawyers, his duplicitous cousin, Clovis, and his friend, city blue-blood and criminal ne'er do well, Elihu, and finally the violent ex-marine, pimp and bookmaker, Francois.  

All that transpires unbalances Remy's cool world of two personas, throwing his lover and island of sanity, Sylvia, into conflict with an aspect of the soul of her man she never imagined, in the process, inching Remy ever closer to the strangely attractive and guarded Mona, whose secret past lures him. 

Imagine Odysseus piloting his ship into the lawless waters between LA, Panama and San Francisco on high-grade coke. Then imagine Remy Karras, having to utilize all the skills he learned in the bush in Viet Nam, suddenly loosed in this tangle, in the process becoming THE WINTER SPIDER (Aignos 2018). 

Doc Krinberg