Pre-Release Announcement

Hello Children's Book Fans! 

It is my pleasure to announce the impending release of Daniel S. Janik's hotly anticipated "A Whales Tale." A delightful 92-page children's story with 20 black and white, pen-and-ink illustrations by celebrated artist and illustrator Ruth Janik, "A Whales Tale" recounts the adventures of a young, juvenile humpback whale on his way from his birthing grounds in Hawaii to Alaska and back, as told by his childhood sweetheart.

"A Whales Tale" is an ideal bedtime or "read-to-me-please" story for reading aloud and for youth to listen to, read and enjoy again and again.

Excerpt:  "The tropical sky blushed every imaginable hue of blue. Gentle crystalline waves reached up to the sky like a playful pack of ponies running towards land, their silvery manes fluttering in the gentle trade winds. Brilliant sunlight splashed along as if on a golden waterfall happily emptying into an azure sea.
    Sorry, little one, I don’t know if it was a school day or the weekend because, well, almost every day in Hawaii is paradise. But this was not just any other another day, because, you see, I had just finished my afternoon nap, and opened my eyes, twenty feet under water.
    Twenty feet under water! That's impossible, you say! Have you already forgotten that I am a whale, and the deep blue sea is my natural home -- just as everything above the water including the crisp, fresh air, is your natural home! So now that we both, once again, know who we are, let’s continue..."

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A Whales Tale
by Daniel S. Janik (Illustrated by Ruth Janik)
92 pp.  8.25" x 5" Softcover
20 B&W "Color-Me-Please" Illustrations
ISBN 978-1442-105065
Available in July 2009 at and fine bookstores everywhere

Did you know that "A Whales Tale" is the second of Daniel S. Janik's children's books focused on the Pacific Rim and its natural inhabitants.  Janik's first book, "Sourdough Scott's Bedtime Fairy Tales from Alaska" (published by Publication Consultants) is a collection of three new age fairy tales from Alaska (Three Bears, Wolf and Moon, and Otter Girl).  "A Whales Tale" continues his noted tradition of curiosity-based, discovery-driven works that children and adults don't tire of.  Oorder a copy of both "A Whales Tale" and "Sourdough Scott's Bedtime Fairy Tales from Alaska" now from the Savant Bookstore.

Daniel S. Janik
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