There is no pleasure greater than playing with one's grandchildren. When they play and laugh heartily, one's heart skips with joy. The whole house comes alive and the spirits of everyone present soar sky high.

Unfortunately, children also fight amongst themselves. And fight they do with the same passion they show while playing. It takes a few minutes for elders to sort out the dispute and settle the matter. The children repeatedly say sorry, forget about it and resume playing. Unlike elders, they don't keep grudges and settle scores later. All that is needed while dealing with such children is a little patience and gentle persuasion. However, some parents lose their cool and give a whack on the bottom or administer some punishment of their choice to their children.

My six grandchildren, all bundles of joy, meet almost every weekend to come and play with me. While playing, they often get into arguments and scuffles but agree to my system of administering justice and settle their disputes. My children, not endowed with the same quantum of patience as I, often get angry and punish them according to their judgment. I sometimes feel the grandchildren are less at fault than their parents.

This idea gave rise to the concept of a Night fairy never heard before by children.

Second, children love riddles and brain teasers. The expression on their faces when they successfully solve a mystery is just beyond words. I have been giving questions to them and rewarding them a buck each when they give the right answer. This made no dent in my wallet but gave immense pleasure to the kids.

Third, since I served in the navy and Mercantile Marine, I used to tell my grandchildren several stories of my life at sea and adventures some real and some made up and found them listening with rapt attention. Notably, stories of monsters used to keep them spellbound.

Finally, stories of treasure and treasure hunt have been popular with children since time immemorial.

Combining all these ideas I wove a story and produced the book, "Captain Riddle's treasure." Since I was a Captain for many years, I could write an authentic book the about ships and the sea that educates and entertains the children. 

GV Rama Rao
Author of CAPTAIN RIDDLE'S TREASURE (Savant 2016)