Richard Rose recently hosted a combined author/book release party with great success, his newly released THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES receiving accolades as a "masterpiece."

Way to go Richard!  Check out this books great review in the Huffington Post at

and this other great review in Chicago's "I On The Scene" at

Author and Book Release parties are an important two of the many publicity and marketing devices Savant Books and Publications offers authors. Typically they are held separately and as many times as possible during the "newly released" first year of a publication.

Author Parties are all about meeting the author and hearing the author and book name. In that sense, they're mainly publicity. It might seem like this isn't much of a goal for all the work that can go into an author party, but in actuality, these are the two most important pieces of information a potential reader needs in order to recall, locate and purchase a book. Either author name (by that I mean pen name), or publication title will eventually lead an interested party back to an information or  sales channel, but both together will cinch it! The four salient features of an outstanding author party are (1) memorable author presence; (2) a supportive social sponsor or patron; (3) a copy of the book to look over, and (4) socially-oriented attendees. A brief scan of the article above clearly demonstrates all of these key elements at Richard Rose's party. The key word regarding sponsor/patron and attendees is "social." It's this aspect that will allow author (and hopefully title) name recognition to spread beyond the party and spread throughout the community.

Book Release Parties are all about hearing, seeing, touching the actual book and getting a teasing glimpse of what's in store for a reader. Typically, the work is available for purchase at a discount, and for signing and/or dedication. In that sense, Book Release Parties are both a publicity and a marketing event. Everything else posted above about the Author's Party is applicable to a Book Release Party.

Once again, my congratulations to Richard Rose on a wonderfully enjoyable and productive event surrounding his newly released murder-mystery thriller, THE LAZARUS CONSPIRACIES (Savant 2014).