To wind, twist together...interweave. Our relationships and the people who enter and exit our lives that become the fabric of the condition we wear.

The creation of poetry comes of this fabric as well; the soft silkiness of love, the chafing of rough times, the cutting edges of betrayal and lies, the warmth given by a loved one’s arms or a child’s embrace.

And so entwined we all are, like it or not. This edition for Savant explores that fabric, the threads and material given to weave these stories, those conditions all a part of each other. 

So, ENTWINED - 2019 Savant Poetry Anthology.

This collection is dedicated to those who report from the front lines of their lives and humanity and allow us their look into the window, with special thanks to Laura Hatcher for her offer of the "entwined seen the world hands" idea and cover image. Those fingers have mileage and speak to the time and work all these poets have endured in the practice of their art. No one leaves with clean hands in art....

Gary "Doc" Krinberg (Editor)