What would you do if your child came home from school one day and told you he’d been repeated beaten up by a bully? Would you go to the school to complain? Would you go to the parents of the bully? Would you go to the police, or would you take matters into your own hands?

Steven Goldman handled it the only way he knew how and got arrested. But the story really begins over 35 years ago. At 12 years old he and his family moved from a quiet neighborhood in Toronto Canada to The San Fernando Valley in L.A. during the tumultuous 60’s. As Steven tries to assimilate into the culture he also prepares for his bar mitzvah, the ceremony that supposedly turns him from a boy into a man in the eyes of God and unlocks the secrets to adulthood, a time when every boy his age wonders the same thing:

“Do you know what it means, Steven, to be a Bar Mitzvah, to be a man?” asked the Rabbi.

“No, Rabbi, and I think I speak for every thirteen year-old boy when I say I have not the first clue who I am, what I’m doing here, or what comes next. All I know is that I can’t wait to grow up, stop making the same stupid mistakes over and over again, and getting shit for it. What I do want to know is how to get my father off my back. I also want to know about girls − or at least how to get them. I also want respect, I want the power and the glory, I want the keys to the kingdom! So tell me, oh bearded one, what is the big fat fucking secret?”

Steven Goldman, father, must search his own past to find a way to help his son in the present.

Larry Rodness
Author of "Today I Am A Man"
Now available at the Savant Bookstore, Amazon.com, and soon at fine bookstores everywhere.