Zachary M. Oliver Ed.D, author of FALLING BUT FULFILLED is a quiet man interested in developing himself, his family, and his community. He believes that we, as a species, can be better. He spends the days of his life filled with love as he encourages the students who desperately want to improve their lives, the teachers who seek to become more satisfied in their profession, and the professional community in Honolulu which shows so much promise.

Before arriving in Honolulu, Dr. Oliver grew up just above the San Clemente pier in Southern California. At first, his summers were filled with Boogie boards and sand castles. As he grew older, his parents found a way to share a bigger world with him. He was lucky enough to travel across Europe and be exposed to the traditions of art and the individual cultures which enrich life in each of these countries.

In high school, he opted to live at a monastery filled with old Hungarian monks of the Norbertine order. There, he learned the value of silence and contemplation. This served him well upon entering the adult world while studying literature at U.C. Berkeley.

Since then, he has taught English in various places and for various colleges. This phase of his life began with a trip to South Korea. All of the travels that he had already taken did not even begin to prepare him for the exotic culture and frenetic speed of Seoul.

School called him back; he has completed both a Masters in Education and a Doctor of Education in the belief that school is one of the greatest and most transformational experiences available to those of us blessed with access. As an educator, it became important for him to see the process of education all the way through to the end.

These moments are touched on and bring to life Dr. Oliver’s love of learning in his new book FALLING BUT FULFILLED.

Zachary M. Oliver Ed.D