Getting to know me…

Getting to know all about me…


What in the hell does one write in a blog? What in the hell does a writer write in his blog? What in the hell does one writer, this writer, write in this/his blog?

The Savant lead-in explains these writers’ blogs as ways to “Get to know new and established Savant authors and what they’re working on these days.” That undoubtedly insinuates something other than just simple bio material, because giving that, here, would merely duplicate what can already be found in the Authors’ section of this same site. Oh, I could be more specific about my writing history than I was in the Author’s section. I could provide a list of my over 200-published books, but who in the hell wants to read a list of my over 200-published books? Better that you all wait and buy a copy of Maltese Famous First Words; the reference book that I’ve been contracted to do (but not for Savant), that will list all of my books, in chronological order of publication, and provide their opening two paragraphs.

Hey, I have just given you one peek at something on which I’m presently working, haven’t I? Then again, should I really be ballyhooing work that I’m doing for other publishers than Savant (aka my novel, I, DEBAUCHEE first of my “I” series; my Great Depression 1933 railroad novel, GRIT, with author Jardonn Smith; my two-author anthology Enslaved: Stories of Sex and Slavery in Ancient Rome with Laura Baumbach)? Or, should I focus entirely, quickly and simply, in letting everyone, who checks in here, know that my Savant novel, Dare to Love in Oz, romantic adventure, adventurous romance, is due out later this month, having just been sent to the printers for a proof copy, then final proofing, before full-fledged release? Yes, I do think that IS what Savant must have intended for this author’s Author Blog, on this Savant web site.

So, please do look forward, with as much anticipation as I do (if that’s at all possible), to this month’s publication by Savant of my Australian epic, Dare to Love in Oz. In that I suffered a lot of near-naked sunbathing on Aussie beaches, a lot of swimming in shark-infested Aussie oceans, a lot of back-slapping and beer-drinking and shrimp-on-the-barbie, some opal-hunting, even a horrendous Oz sandstorm, plus a lecture on the poisonous flora and fauna of Australia, to bring this book to you. Oh, yes, I attended an opera at the Sydney Opera House, too (did you know that famous building is actually too small for Grand Opera?), but that’s another story. Stay tuned.

There’s, also, my teen-angst candle-reader, vampire, witch, warlock, demon, dragon, shape-shifter novel, Flicker: Teen-Warrior Saga, that may well be my next book for Savant if the creeks don’t rise, and hell doesn’t freeze over, and the cows come home in the morning … AND, if I can find the time to write up that proposal.

I think, though, I’ll save sneaking in news of all my projects unrelated to Savant, like my new line of vampire and pirate underwear; my estate-bottled cabernet sauvignon, tequila, vodka; my sand-blasted designer jeans; my ARTISTS “DO” author WILLIAM MALTESE art collection (based upon one very nude picture of me)…for another day, especially since we all know what short attention spans even the literati among us have, these days.