After completing Savant training, Eleonor Gardner is excited to be introduced as a new proofreader for the Savant team. She is looking forward to being a positive member of the Savant, as well as a resource for authors, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.  She has experience in proofreading, editing, writing, design, and business.


Eleonor is a recent graduate of Christopher Newport University, in Newport News, VA where she studied English and business. After graduating in December she moved to Wahiawa on a military move. She is no longer in the Chemical Corp, but her husband is still active duty.  In addition to her interest in publishing, she dabbles in the traditional and culinary arts. Her favorite genres to read are action and adventure, art and culture, memoir, horror, and thriller. She loves any work that stimulates her emotionally and intellectually, whether it is as short as a poem or as long as a book.


Access her Savant site at the following URL to get in touch, learn more, or to stay updated: