My list of writing achievements include a lot of work in the murder/mystery genre and in historic biography.  My first novel, published by Savant, Purple Haze, was recognized by the Pacific Rim Book Festival and is under contract to be made into a motion picture.  I also did the screen play for the movie based on the book and am doing a second screen play for another murder/mystery entitled New Moon Murders published by Outskirts Press.

SHEP'S ADVENTURES  is my first attempt at adolescent fiction and it covers the story of a dog that lives on a farm with his owner Pete, and various friends that he is able to talk with.  The book is written from the point of view of Shep, and the story is modeled after my own life on a farm with a much larger family with a non-talking dog named Shep.

I was inspired to write this book by watching the movie Fluke with some of the classes that I taught, and watching the joy of the students as they watched a story from a dog’s point of view.