Hello World,

It’s my pleasure to join the stable of writers here at Savant Books and Publications.

To me, writing has not been something I’ve always wanted to do, but something I’ve had to do. At various times writing has been an artistic outlet, a catharsis, and a place to run and hide in order to give me perspective. I have written over a dozen stories including fantasy, vampires, murder mysteries, comedies and political thrillers but I find it curious that the first novel to be published entitled “Today I Am A Man” is something so close to home for me. Maybe that old cliché about writers writing about what they know best isn’t so far off the mark. Although the characters and circumstances have been altered for dramatic purpose, the experiences in the story are real as are the issues many readers will easily identify with – teenage alienation, coming of age, sexual awakening, bullying. The novel is not an exercise in defining terms or offering solutions but more a story told from the emotional point of view of the subject who experienced them and his own unique way of coping. In the end the highest compliment I could ask for is ‘great reading’.

"Today I Am A Man" is on schedule for a December 2009 release.

Best Wishes for the Holidays,
Larry Rodness
Visit my website at www.todayiamaman.net