Aloha! As a wanderer who's lived in almost every state of the USA at one time or another (I grew up in Alaska when it was still a territory and live in climatically opposite Hawaii), I like to say when people ask me what I do that I'm an author. That is, after all, what I've been doing for over 40 years in a wide variety of genre's under several different pen-names, despite distractions, like being a pediatric (later integrative health/preventive medicine/public health) physician, university professor, naval officer, NASA researcher, publisher, editor and movie producer.

Like all Savant Books and Publications authors, I get this opportunity to re-introduce myself whenever I have a new book released. This time it's THE TURTLE DANCES, an illustrated children's book, the third in Savant's "Color-Me-Please" series, the other two being my award-winning A WHALE'S TALE, and Robin Ymer's outstanding MYTHICAL VOYAGE. It's a curiosity/discovery series in which I'm proud to continue participating. 

It's also the third book in my "Pacific Rim Naturalist" series, which includes SOURDOUGH SCOTT'S BEDTIME FAIRY TALES FROM ALASKA (Publication Consultants) and A WHALE'S TALE.

THE TURTLE DANCES evolved from three separate experiential strands:  year-round turtle-watching, competitive and performance dancesport and my continued interest in transformative learning.

Since arriving in Hawaii in 1993, my wife and I have the pleasure of watching the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles float about and bask on the beaches of these treasured islands. Protected by law, they flourish in ever greater numbers and are a constant delight to children. I know of no gentler land or sea creature, certainly none more deserving of being the topic of a children's book.

A little know fact is that Hawaii has nearly 15,000 social dancers, 15 dance clubs and one of the largest ballrooms in the Pacific. For over 20 years, my wife and keen amateur dance partner, Setsuko Tsuchiya, and I have competed in dancesport in Hawaii and abroad. It seemed natural for me to write about partner dancesport from the perspective of one of the least likely of partner-dancers, a solitary Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

As an educator and champion of transformative (curiosity-base, discovery-driven) learning, I was challenged several years ago to write a story that would demonstrate this unique knowlege-and-wisdom-centered learning approach. The result was A WHALE'S TALE. Challenged to "do it again" to prove it wasn't a fluke (a nice play on whales, don't you think), I brought all three experiential strands together in what I'm proud to say is nothing short of a consistently wonderful read.

All-in-all, I'm thrilled to be writing for Savant, side-by-side with the very best new and established writers in the world, and in association with some of the best editors, illustrators, cover artists and photographers I've ever worked with.

If you can't get to a nearby tropical beach, why not try THE TURTLE DANCES, and savor the story about Isla, a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, who decides she wants to dance, and more so, partner dance! Written for adults to read aloud to their children, and youth to 16 years of age to read and enjoy, THE TURTLE DANCES is lavishly illustrated in black-and-white for reader coloring opportunities.

Daniel S. Janik
Author of
     - A Whale's Tale (Savant)
     - Footprints, Smiles and Little White Lies (Savant)
     - The Illustrated Middle Earth (Savant)
     - Last and Final Harvest (Savant)
As well as
     - Sourdough Scott's Bedtime Fairy Tales from Alaska (Publication Consultants)
     - Unlock the Genius Within (Rowman & Littlefied Education)
     - How to Choose the Best English Language School in the USA (AuthorHouse)
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