As a writer and author, I've been involved in a love-hate fight all my life with my last name, “Puissegur," feeling the need to defend my unique Louisiana French heritage, despite a name few Americans could read, much less spell or remember easily. Interestingly, it was this peculiar last name that led me to research not only my family history, but my own fascination with conspiracy theory and, in Louisiana, it's very heart and soul: oil. In the process it became clear that I had a special message to convey through fiction. In my newest book, THE OIL MAN, an action/adventure, I base the main character, John Marx, after myself.

I grew up just south of New Orleans in a town called Chalmette, close enough to the marsh lands and bayous to be able to travel, hunt, fish, and generally enjoy the bayou life, and, yes, I actually worked in the oil fields of Louisiana just like John Marx.
I left high school early, got married, joined the Army, and proudly served my country. After serving my enlistment, I returned home, finished high school, completed junior college, and became the president of a union. The job eventually moved to Mexico and later Brazil, and I was left out of work for a year with a family to raise. I drew heavily upon my union experience to animate the characters, corporate, management and workers, of the offshore oil environment in which much of THE OIL MAN is set.
I worked briefly as a plumber /mechanic, then changed jobs and moved up in the Postal Service where I eventually became an electronics technician. The road was as difficult for me, as the road was for John Marx. I was harassed for an injury I received while in the Army, in the end receiving acknowledgement and restitution.
Back home again, I began writing. Having completed my fourth published work – this one I'm pleased to offer to you - I firmly believe it is the best I've written so far. Filled with action, adventure and intrigue from beginning to the end, it touches on some of the newest threads of global power: public opinion, computer technology, petroleum theory, all within the arena of oil - Black gold. Petrodollars. Power. I have begun work on a sequel which I hope to present to readers in the near future.
Leon Puissegur
Author of THE OIL MAN (Savant 2011)